A conversation with Kelly

Get to know the founder for Frolic, Kelly. 

Lets play a quick this or that

Morning or evenings?

a. Definitely a morning person, but lately I have been binge watching Animal Kingdom that is throwing me out of my usual routine. 

City or country?

a. Ooo, that definitely depends on the city 

Sweet or Savory?

a. Why can't I have both?

Causal or dressed up?

a. Casual these days, in the past 8 years that has changed for me. Up to my mid forties I would have always said dressed up.

Sneakers or boots?

a. I am all for comfort and chasing after my youngest around skateparks, bike tracks and the beach.  

Summer or Winter?

a. In the middle, I have never liked the cold but these days summer days make me feel like I am melting 

What is something you cant leave the house without?

a. My phone

What is an essential for you in the mornings?

a. A big glass of water and then tea, I have never drunk coffee and to most peoples surprise I dislike the smell of coffee.

Where is your happy place?

a. The beach with my family, and home.

 What has been your go to outfit during the latest lockdown?

a. My favourite Jac & Jack pants are on high rotations, I have both black and khaki. Then pair my pants with an oversized Anine Bing Sweater, with a Bayse bodysuit or an Anine Bing T-shirt and my never fail collection of Senso trainers. I am all about comfortable bras, underwear and shoes to run errands. 

What is your main focus when purchasing clothing?

a. Quality, versatility, easy to wash, comfort and longevity. My personal favourites are from Brands such as, Anine Bing, Camilla and Marc, Senso, Jac + Jack, Suboo, Zulu & Zephyr and By Charlotte.



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