It's A Good Day To Be Happy Candle


It's A Good Day To Be Happy Candle by ME & MATS 

Scented Candle in Fresh Vibes 

This candle from 'Me&Mats' can be a sweet reminder for yourself, an afformation to be happy. Or a great gift for a dear friend.. 

Don't you love a personal and sometimes unexpected surprise from someone? 
A nice thought can mean the world for someone that deserves a smile on their face. 
Let's all spread a bit more positivity..  

Candles have always been an important part of our lives, the atomosphere, coziness and also the inspiration that lighting a candle can provide. The candle comes in a thick white glass jar, so it will fit all interiors. 

All candles from 'Me&Mats' come with a little message of inspiration on each candle. This Orchid scented candle is handmade in Amsterdam with natural oils of superb quality and will release fresh, fruity, floral and exotic scents.

The candle has a burn time of 45 hours (!)
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