Paradiso Sweater HONEY APRICOT


Paradiso Sweater by The Paradise Collector 


Baby it’s cold... time to warm up and snuggle in with our new fave the Päradiso Sweater!

Nothing beats the feeling of being wrapped in a delicious knit, whether it’s worn layered over a beautiful summer dress or chucked on with the old favourite jeans... it’s all about feeling good in a luxurious knitted comfort.

The Paradiso Sweater - Honey Apricot

One size - Relaxed and ever so slightly cropped with a generous ballooned sleeve.
70% wool 30% Acrylic.

Please love me and look after me by gently hand washing in cool water and leaving to dry in a cool flat spot preferably in the shade.
Avoid warm water as this may shrink your cardi.

Please never tumble dry. It is also a good idea to store your cardigan folded not on a hanger, it is more likely to keep its shape, unless you desire the length to be longer, in which case pop on the back of a chair and let it "hang out" for a while!

This garment is likely to pill with use, this is the nature of wool used, a natural result of friction. By carefully using an electric pill remover or household razor you can bring me back to looking like new!